Friday Newsletter: September 7, 2018

NEXT WEEK’S EVENTS: (September 10 – September 14)

  • Tuesday, September 11: PLC Meetings from 2:45-3:45
  • Wednesday, September 12: TA Professional Learning from 1:45-2:30
  • Wednesday, September 12: PLT Meeting from 2:45-3:45 in the Primary School Office
  • Thursday, September 13: Collaboration Meetings from 2:45-3:45 in MP1 



  • Google G Suite training (Apps for Educators) –    Please contact for further details
  • Seesaw PD in your PJ’s for the month of September.
  • September 12: Teaching Assistant Professional Learning: ‘Guided Reading’ facilitated by Aaron Frontiera
  • September 19-22: 3E and 3Live Conference at International School Ho Chi Minh City
  • September 24-25: ‘Concept Based Learning,’  (See p.16 for course description)      In-School Workshop at AISM facilitated by IB Workshop Leaders. Please contact for further details
  • Thank you to all of you who expressed interest in joining a small committed team to establish ‘Pub PD AISM.’ Our team will meet soon to plan and organise our inaugural event. What’s better than professional development? Professional development with your favourite adult beverage! 



  • As you post AISM related content on Twitter, please remember to include our school hashtags, #AISMlearns and/or #Buffalopride and the school handle @AISMmoz
  • PLT Meeting Agenda and Minutes
  • A Message From your Librarian:
    Teacher and Teacher Assistants, the Guided Reading and Reading Recovery resources are located in the storage room in the back of the Primary Library. Please, use the computer provided for these resources to check in  and check out your items. When returning, please place items in correct Bins, this will ensure they are placed correctly. When borrowing reading sets, please take all 5 books, this will prevent lost copies. Thank you!


CURRICULUM RESOURCES: Assessment & Grading

“Students can learn without grades, but they can’t learn without timely, descriptive feedback.” – Rick Wormeli


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