Welcome to the AISM Primary School Blog!

Dear Colleagues,

This blog site will act as our weekly communication tool replacing the daily bulletin.  All necessary announcements and information regarding our weekly events and meetings will be posted here each week.  Our blog will allow us to keep a record of our communications while providing us a space for you to follow my Twitter feed, the AISM Facebook page, read guest blogs, access curriculum resources, find out about upcoming learning opportunities, and much more!

At this time I would like to thank you for all of your efforts during our orientation and professional learning days.  Your professionalism, collaboration, and support of your new colleagues was the embodiment of a true learning community.

Below you will find in the Points of Interest section a link to sign up for a on-on-one voluntary interview with me during the first three weeks of school.  This is an opportunity for me to learn more about you and the culture of AISM.  Please sign up for a time slot if you are interested.

It is a honour to serve you as the new primary principal and I look forward to an amazing year of professional learning and growth together.



NEXT WEEK’S EVENTS (August 13 – August 17)

  • Monday, August 13: First Day of School
  • Tuesday, August 14: PLC Teams Meet
  • Thursday, August 16: Collaboration Meetings
  • Friday, August 17: PS Community Time- Grade 2-5 (07:30 – 08:15 AISM, Auditorium)







Thinking routines are a great way to get students thinking on a deeper level, and an example of such a routine was used at our last Faculty Meeting. Here are some resources:

“When thinking becomes visible – it is clear to students that school is not about memorizing facts but about exploring ideas.” – Rosemaria Díaz-Vélez





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